I’m very excited to be releasing my new EP “No Trouble Today”

Check out it out here:


Here are some tributes to other artists:


6 thoughts on “Music”

  1. Ryan, I listended to these two songs and agree with Alan, we’d like to hear more. These original songs connect to the soul, while they tell a story. I look forward to hearing you perform at some of the local places in San Luis Obispo. Is it true, or a rumor, I heard you may be playing at a local club in San Luis Obispo next month?

    1. Thank you Clay! I will put up more of my songs soon. The rumors you hear are true. I am playing at the Creeky Tiki on October 7th from 6-9 pm for anyone that is interested! It will be a fun night for everyone who attends. There will be good food and great company, which makes me look even more forward to a fun show.

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